Kathy West


Balanced Body Comprehensive Certified 

ASPP Comprehensive Certified 

PMA Certified

Owner/Teacher /Instructor

It is such a privilege to teach Pilates.  I enjoy educating clients and students in classical, modern and clinical Pilates.  The foundation of my teaching is to express the importance of the fundamentals of Pilates, movement principals and practices of Joseph Pilates. These practices and techniques are always applicable for every season of our live’s.  Having a strong foundation of the principles and  fundamentals

allows you to modify and be creative making Pilates completely adaptable for each individual and their needs.  


When I discovered Pilates I was recovering from a long-term illness. I knew I was too weak to start a conventional exercise program but I desperately needed to do something. My children were still young and I felt like I was missing out on their lives and mine. I didn’t even have the strength to make it halfway through the day. My body, my mind and soul needed Movement again so I could get strong enough to live life and enjoy it. 


My Pilates journey begin in Houston Texas in 2011.  I was an apprentice for a Master Instructor, Elizabeth Gilmore at Pilates of Champions, a Classical and Clinical Pilates Studio where I began my Pilates teaching career. I gained a lot of knowledge and hands on experience with Mrs Gilmore who specialized in clients who had previous injuries and muscle imbalances.  I completed my apprenticeship and education with Mrs Gilmore and her school, American School of Pilates Practitioners with a Pilates Comprehensive  Certificate for a wide variety of Pilates apparatus including the Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Wunda Chair, Cadillac/Trapeze Table, Combo Table, Ped-O-Pole and Mat. 


I opened a studio with the idea that I could encourage and help others with limitations to get stronger just like myself. I had overcome and I believed others could too. I continued my studies with the Pilates method because with every new client, with every new day came a new challenge and a new limitation.  I enrolled in Balanced Body University in California shortly after opening my studio in 2015. 

I  graduated with an additional Balanced Body Pilates Comprehensive Certification. I took my Comprehensive test with Kelly Uygan at Konnect Pilates in Mission Viejo on all the required Pilates apparatus.  I feel very privileged to have been able to study with some of the best Balanced Body master instructors in the country including: Nora St John Balanced Body Education Director, Zayna Gold at Boston Body Pilates in Boston, Viktor and Kelly Uygan at Konnect Pilates in  Mission Viejo CA , Maria Leone  at Bodyline Pilates in Beverly Hills, Susan Clark Waters at Pure Pilates in Pensacola Florida,  Jill Gilbert Lucas at Gulf Coast Pilates in Kingwood, Texas and Karen Sanzo at Pilates Unlimited in Dallas, Texas.


My belief system is if you are going to do something You should do it with excellence and integrity be committed to those two things even when the road to your goal gets tough.  When I started this journey I didn’t think it would take this long to reach my goal but I have become wiser and stronger as I push forward. That is the heart of my teaching and my practice. 


In May of 2019 I was diagnosed with a degenerative spine disease, Spinal Stenosis and Arthritis in my cervical and lumbar area of the spine.   Teaching 6 days a week  plus running a studio was no longer the best choice for my health. I decided to close the studio January 24, 2020 and take a break from teaching Pilates for awhile. 

Even with my recent diagnosis I am continuing to practice the foundations of Pilates and Pilates movement principles every day to maintain a pain free life. In addition to Pilates I have a fantastic support team on my side: my wonderful husband Michael, 6 grown children, 10 grandchildren, my parents and my close friends who are always cheering for me.  I am determined to stay active, exercise and continue to studying Pilates. 

I saw this quote and It spoke volumes to me. 



You have been assigned this MOUNTAIN 

to show others it can be MOVED



I feel like I have been assigned several mountains in my lifetime.  However, through my circumstances I have developed a strong passion to encourage others who have limitations, to help them achieve their goals and to be strong enough to pursue their passions in life.  My Pilates  journey has not been easy.  I have made great sacrifices physically and financially over the years. There were many days physically that I could only rely on God’s strength and calling on my life to get me through.  I Believe this quote sums it up “what comes easy won’t always last but what last does not come easy”.  Anyone that knows me knows I very rarely take the easy route or the short cut.  Giving people hope and showing others that they have value and worth is deeply rooted in me. People need to see other people overcome and they need to hear their stories to give them hope. 


My current goal is my largest one yet.  I am excited to see where it will lead me and what knowledge I will gain on the way. I am currently seeking a higher education with Rael Isacowitz and his awesome team of educators.

Rael is the founder of Body Arts and Science International also known as BASI Pilates in Newport Beach, California.  He spearheaded Pilates Interactive and designed the concepts of the BASI System Pilates equipment. His passion is education, to keep the integrity of Joseph Pilates Method alive and growing in our modern world by adding the science with movement. As soon as I met Rael, his integrity and compassion for people was personally motivating and infectious.  I am looking forward to fine tuning my knowledge of the human body, how it moves and the science behind how it functions in our ever-changing world.